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Web Marketing

Pay Per Click Ads in Search Engines

Capture customers at the exact moment they are looking to buy from you.

This is the most beneficial aspect of introducing a paid search marketing campaign to your online marketing initiatives. Paid search marketing gives you the ability to serve ads at the exact moment people are searching with the intent to purchase. No other form of online advertising allows for such a direct link to your potential customers.

Global Edge Marketing can help you with paid search marketing by:

New Advertiser — We will design and implement a paid search marketing campaign that mirrors your business goals, with increasing your bottom line as the main focus of your advertising campaign.

Existing Advertiser — We will audit your existing campaigns for best practices, make recommendations to optimize upon missed opportunities, and implement strategies where needed to help increase the ROI from your paid search marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

The original mass communication tool used with the initial days of the adoption of the Internet, email marketing has emerged as the most effective direct marketing tool. There is no better way to reach out and talk to your customer base than email marketing. Today, many email platforms come standard with social media integration as well, making email an even more powerful tool to stay in touch with your strongest brand advocates.

Using email marketing to keep top of mind with your customers, nurture leads during your sales cycle, and converting social media followers into paying customers are all strategies to keep in mind when designing your email marketing strategy.

Synopsis of Email Marketing

You send a monthly newsletter to a list of subscribers and need an easy-to-use email marketing platform that requires little to no HTML knowledge. We will recommend and implement an email platform to suit these needs.