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Global Edge offers a free consultation on SharePoint for Calgary businesses who want to learn more about how SharePoint can meet their document management and communication needs.

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We are a Calgary SharePoint consultant providing expertise in ...

  • Installation and server configuration.

  • Custom site design to ensure your site fits with your corporate branding.

  • Programming, including workflow solutions with InfoPath.

  • Ensuring your site's privacy and security.

  • Backup solutions.

  • Training your staff on the site's administration features and how to update and maintain your site.

Who Should Consider SharePoint Foundation?

A variety of organizations can profit from the enhanced collaboration and productivity enabled by SharePoint:

  • Organizations, business units, and teams seeking increased team productivity and access to the people, documents, and information they need.

  • Organizations of any size that want to start tactical implementation of collaboration tools, standardize existing infrastructure, or invest in strategic use of collaboration systems that integrate well with existing line-of-business applications.

Web Based Collaboration

Organizations of all sizes can use the adaptable technology of SharePoint Foundation 2010 to advance team productivity and augment the efficiency of business processes.

SharePoint Foundation is easy to use, and quick to deploy. Usability and familiarity are key points with SharePoint due to the close integration with everyday tools including the Microsoft Office system of productivity programs.

A centralized repository for shared documents, as well as browser-based management and administration of the repositories allows for easy access to information. Driven from web portals created within SharePoint, related collections of documents are housed in the various Document libraries, which are collections of files that can be shared for collaborative editing.

It's truly a global solution. Stay connected with team members around the globe with the best tools for collaboration. SharePoint provides access to documents and information in a real-time environment. Team members can create project based workspaces, publish, store, share, track information, workflow, and documents. As well, the integration with other Microsoft Office system means a meeting site can be made through Outlook and maintained in SharePoint Foundation, complete with the agenda and relevant documents.

sharepoint 2016

Key features for SharePoint 2016 include a new App Launcher that makes it easier for users to open applications from the navigation bar inside SharePoint and features to improve the experience for smartphone and tablet users with controls that better support using touch to get around SharePoint sites.

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NEW for SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 is Cloud Ready

SharePoint 2013 is built to enable and help usher in cloud services. You can run SharePoint 2013 completely in the cloud through Office 365 and have almost all of the features of SharePoint on-premises. If you want to enable every feature and still stay in the cloud, you can opt for a solution where you run it on VMs in the cloud through Windows Azure or Amazon Web Services. If running in the cloud makes some sense, but you have some features that you want to stay on-premises, you can implement a hybrid architecture.

Some enterprises aren't ready to embrace the cloud just yet, even if they know that cloud services will be in their infrastructure within the next couple of years. If this describes your organization, you'll be glad to know that the cloud isn't being forced upon you. You can still do everything on premises in SharePoint 2013 with no help from the cloud at all if that's what you want to do.

Workflow Integration with Workflow Manager

In SharePoint, workflow is huge, so it makes sense to talk about some of the improvements in workflow. For example, workflows will now integrate with Workflow Manager. So, as your enterprise starts to look more and more to the workflow manager infrastructure in place in your organization, workflows will be able to leverage those services as well.

Machine Translation Services

Machine Translation Services is one of the new features of SharePoint 2013. Machine Translation Services performs automatic content translation by the same Web Services that translate for Bing.

I know that some people view automatic translations to be second best to having a human translator who is able to infer the intricacies of context, but not every organization has the time and resources to push all of their content through human translators.

Buyer beware on any automated translation services, but if your content needs to be translated consistently into one or more languages, then the Machine Translation Service is going to be a huge help to your content creators.

SharePoint Store

This is one of the most recognizably different feature changes in SharePoint 2013. This is not something like workflow, which already existed and is now made more robust. The SharePoint App Store is something completely new, where your organization and even individual users can choose to license, activate, and use software within SharePoint.

Improved Search Capability

Search is one of the killer features in SharePoint. I've seen users that are resistant to moving to SharePoint, but when shown how effectively SharePoint can index websites, SharePoint sites, and even existing NTFS file shares, they love it.

Improvements for searching were eagerly anticipated, and they don't disappoint. First, analytics is now integrated into the search engine. This is huge, because it modifies how search results are displayed.

Crawling gets a nice feature upgrade, too, with Continuous Crawl. SharePoint search can now place a content scope under "Continuous Crawl," making new content appear in search results that much faster.

Increased Performance

Performance gains are widespread. The new version takes a streamlined approach to handling data from the bits stored on disk to the application presentation. For instance, only data that has changed on a viewed webpage is sent to the client. Any pieces of the SharePoint site that remain unchanged after the page is updated stays presented from cache. A similar approach was taken at the SQL level: If you make a change to a document stored in your SharePoint document library, only the delta is modified in SQL. This can have a dramatic performance improvement, especially in cases where the editing of large documents are taking place.

eDiscovery Advances

Performing discovery for an audit or investigation can be a time-consuming, error prone, and frustrating process. Unfortunately, it's also a completely unavoidable and absolutely mandatory process in many organizations. e-discovery is the process of identifying data that has either been accessed, edited, or communicated about either a person or a topic. This is for legal professionals to make a request to "give me all of the documents dealing with X former employee" (or partner, contractor, product, or client).

SharePoint 2013 includes an eDiscovery Center site template; what's more, it makes the process of finding the data available through Enterprise Wide eDiscovery. Enterprise Wide eDiscovery lets SharePoint 2013 be the central authority for finding this documentation, whether it exists in an Exchange 2013 mailbox, Lync 2013, a SharePoint site, a searched website, or an NTFS share.

If the legal team needs to find all data relevant to their investigation, a discovery can be completed quickly and the results saved off in a format that can be accessed later.

OData Connections in Business Connectivity Services

Business Connectivity Services is not new, but like workflow and search, it's such a huge part of SharePoint's successful features, that its improvements are worth mentioning. Especially this one, because SharePoint already did a great job of surfacing data from external sources through Business Data Connectivity, that the inclusion of OData is the frosting on the cake.

For those that aren't aware of OData, it's a protocol for posting data to the web. If you're already thinking that sounds cool, and that you'd like BCS to connect up to some web data, you're right. If you weren't already thinking that, you might like to know that there is some pretty awesome web data out there that is waiting for you to connect up to it using OData, including:

DBPedia (an OData representation of Wikipedia)
Stack Overflow
TechEd 2013
Server Fault

And not only are websites making their data accessible through OData, but other applications make their data available as OData producers, too.

SharePoint 2010 and 2013
Team Foundation Server
SQL Server 2012
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Windows Azure Table Storage
Sitefinity CMS by Telerik



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Municipal Government Uses Software to Improve Business Data and Save $3.1 Million
The Regional Municipality of Niagara serves citizens in Southern Ontario, Canada. As budgets at all levels of government tighten, Niagara wanted tools to better track and evaluate how it spends time and money, and to more efficiently manage information. The Region deployed Microsoft SharePoint 2013 in two pilot projects that streamline access to information, improve data analysis, and will save CAD$3.1 million (US$ 3.16 million) over two years.
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Pipeline Construction Leader Exceeds 300 Percent Return on Investment by Automating Compensation Processes
The largest gas distribution contractor in the US, NPL Construction Company (NPL) has replaced its manual, siloed, and paper-based processes with a Business-Critical SharePoint solution from MyOVS®, providing automation, self-service, and mobility for compensation related processes for all employees across the company. The solution maximizes the value of their Microsoft® Office SharePoint® 2010 and SAP® system investments.
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