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Global Edge specializes in customized Internet programming and database driven applications. Our team of highly experienced developers are skilled in SharePoint,, PHP, Java, Javascript, C, C++, Oracle, postgreSQL, MS SQL, mySQL, HTML and more. We can create a specific application for your website or upgrade your existing one.

Global Edge has its own in-house programming team. Because of this we can offer first rate support to our clients who can actually talk to the programmer working on their site.

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When you hire Global Edge, you get a team that adheres to software engineering standards and has over 20 years of experience.

We've learned how to make software projects successful and to date we have not failed in a single project. Three factors have influenced our success: We are upfront and honest about whether the project fits well with our skill sets, our people are tenacious about finding technical solutions and creating quality results and we hire talented developers who are good with people and build quality relationships with our clients.

Our success formula includes:

  • We use small teams of experienced, talented developers - A top tier developer can produce 10 times that of a junior.

  • There is a high degree of interaction between the development team, our client and their end users.

  • We use an interactive development style that gets working prototypes into end users hands and allows the result to evolve - Allowing the development process to be a journey to discover the true needs of the end users.

  • We start our projects with a detailed planning phase.

  • We are direct and upfront about how well a project fits with our skill sets.


Success Story

Industry: Oil & Gas

Oilflow Solutions is the developer of Proflux technology, which mobilizes heavy oil and bitumen into free flowing oil. Our fully-recyclable product typically delivers the following properties:

  • Increases heavy oil production by 100% or greater

  • Decreases pump torque by up to 80%, reducing energy and carbon footprint

  • Significantly reduces operating cost per barrel of oil produced

  • Increases oil recovery thereby increasing reserves

Our Calgary-based company provides full well site service across Alberta and Saskatchewan from our main service centres in Peace River and Lloydminster.

The Challenge: Provide a solution for collecting and reporting on field data.

The Solution: Develop a SharePoint solution utilizing both InfoPath and Reporting Services.

The Results: Field workers are able to remotely enter data and provide real time reporting used for invoicing and Oil Well Management

Guy Bolton from Oilflow Solutions writes: "I would like to thanks the Global Edge team in providing Oilflow Solutions with a custom SharePoint portal which has revolutionized our data gathering and process systems. The design and layout of the master pages utilize the same look and feel as our website as "branding" is important to our corporate image".