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Management Team


Robbie Cuthbertson
Founder, CEO & President

As the President and founder of Global Edge Systems & Wireless Inc., Robbie believes that if you strive to be the best in your line of business then there is always work to be done. This gives a company the power to decide on and manage its own growth rate, which leads to greater success, integrity, and stability.

Robbie has over 25 years of progressive managerial and executive experience in the Information Systems industry. She has worked in an executive position for Global Edge, as President and provides strategic direction for the company, develops yearly operating budgets and technology plans and works closely with the sales team in a mentoring capacity.

Previously, Robbie worked with IBM Canada Ltd. as one of two Canadian representatives in the Global development of Partner Programs. She also worked with many industry leaders, such as Nova Chemicals Ltd., Border Ladner Gervais (Howard, Mackie) and the Toronto Dominion Bank.

Matt McPherson
VP, Operations

Matt, began his IT journey in 1998 with Mattel Toys UK, helping open a distribution center in the town of Daventry. The following year, Matt moved his career to Nortel Networks UK, where over the following years Matt was involved in multiple projects that included WMS installations, RFS installations, user training, phone system implementations, and many other aspects of Nortel Networks. During his time with Nortel, Matt travelled to various sites around Europe to help with a multitude of projects that were key to Nortel. His travels took him to places such as Milan Italy, Hoofddorp Netherlands, Dublin Ireland, and a range of other cities. During his time with Nortel, Matt also attended Northampton University College where continued his study of computer science. This helped enhance Matt’s understanding of the Technology.

After many successful years with Nortel, Matt came to Calgary, to continue to pursue his career in IT. Joining Global Edge in 2008, Matt has progressed through the ranks within the company, to his current position of VP Operations. His dedication, hard work, and personal skills with clients, have helped propel clients in the right direction. His work ethic, and commitment have ensured clients that he and the Global Edge team will get the job done. He is always looking for ways to better himself, the Global Edge team, and of course the clients.

Matt’s knowledge of e-mail systems, web filtering, project implementations, servers, networking and hand held device, have been factors that have assisted in the success of Global Edge.

Jin Hwang
VP, Quality Assurance

Jin has over 12 years' experience in the IT industry. He has been with Global Edge Systems since 2004. He's responsibilities at Global Edge Systems include supervising the development of client products and expanding and improving Global Edge Systems' development department and Platform. He is responsible for training new developers, architecting product solutions, and leading the development teams throughout the development lifecycle. Prior to joining Global Edge Systems, Jin worked as a Manager and Lead Developer for an Account & Financial Application Consulting. There he developed applications for managing book-keeping, financial tracking, cashier performance, and financial report.

In addition, Jin has worked as a IT support in variety of oil and gas applications over 4 years, developing websites, web applications, windows applications, databases (MS-SQL, MySQL, and Oracle), database administrator for a variety of industries over 10 years. He is a highly regarded SharePoint developer and application architect. Jin has an Object Oriented Software Developer certificate.

Ryan L. Cuthbertson
VP, Finance & C.F.O

Mr. Cuthbertson graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Economics specializing in the Oil and Gas Industry. Reporting to and partnering with the Management Team at Global Edge, Mr. Cuthbertson will set the company's financial policy and direction and is also an active participant in, and driver of, the organization's overall strategy.

Mr. Cuthbertson leads all financial administration, business planning, and budgeting. As a member of the senior leadership team, he works closely with the motivated and engaged finance and governance committee of the senior management team.

Mr. Cuthbertson has shown our current and potential clients that a good laugh and a big smile are still appreciated in any field.