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Global Edge is pleased to offer an IT Assessment for companies in Calgary, throughout Alberta, and across Canada. This offer is available to qualified business meeting a minimum number of computers, and is provided only for business owners and executive management.

Whenever we work with new potential IT clients, we find their management team often seeks to gain a clear understanding of the IT issues facing the computer infrastructure systems and support personnel, as well as getting an accurate picture of the total costs related to their business technology needs.

Based on this understanding, management can effectively formulate a prioritized plan of adopting resolutions and assigning funds and resources which target the following areas, all with costs and their associated returns in mind:

1) most pressing need

2) measures for improvement of business process

3) ongoing IT support requirements

The IT Assessment Concept

Global Edge's Assessment methodology begins with essential discovery tasks which will reveal:

  • The current state of your existing infrastructure systems

  • Critical issues which require immediate resolution

  • How and if systems are best suited to business needs

  • Whether the support personnel are tasked with sufficient duties which are appropriate to their individual capabilities.

  • Overall costs

Global Edge's IT Assessment provides Calgary businesses with the opportunity to utilize unique and in-depth business and technical expertise to provide a third-party review of their current environment. Our bottom-line goal with our prospective and existing IT clients is to help them save or earn money by leveraging technology.

Deliverable of this IT Support Assessment

The deliverable that is produced by the Assessment process is a comprehensive report that is generated by working closely with your management and IT resources, which documents and encompasses the following areas:

  • Critical issues which can dramatically impact system/data availability or recoverability and recommendations for resolution

  • Data distribution and file server analysis and management recommendations

  • General network security issues and recommendations for resolution

  • Suggestions for system redesign/reconfiguration measures which can improve business processes and/or performance

  • Accurate and current diagrams of the computing topology

  • Report and recommendations for each individual Windows-based server

  • Active Directory heath and performance analysis with any necessary reconfiguration recommendations

  • Report on individual IT department support team members, including recommended training, re-assignment or replacement.

  • Overall management, maintenance, and support strategies.

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