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DRaaS — Disaster Recovery as a Service

Global Edge's backup and disaster recovery in Calgary protects your data, applications, and IT infrastructure from network downtime. Our backup and disaster recovery-as-a-service cloud platform solution is built from the ground up using state of the art tools.

Why Consider DRaaS — Disaster Recovery as a Service?

As data growth continues its rapid rise, businesses are struggling to cope with the challenges they are faced with, when it comes to recovery and storage. Businesses of all industries are witnessing a surge in the amount and type of data they are responsible for; this includes business applications, compliance records, email archiving, etc.

Unsure about data requirements of the future, businesses are finding decisions can be hard when it comes to purchasing the "right" infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a cloud solution offered by providers that looks to solve this problem by offering a scalable and flexible service that can meet data requirements now and for the future.

Efficiency is key. A well hosted DRaaS solution saves you time and resources, and it is one less issue for IT to manage.

Advantages of DRaaS

Free IT resources

A DRaaS solution provides simplified IT management. Datacentres are not only expensive to run but are also a great drain on IT resources. By outsourcing disaster recovery to a cloud provider you are outsourcing the troubles that a datacentre can carry.

Reduced costs

DRaaS offers businesses disaster recovery without the high costs that can come with in-house solutions. Reoccurring costs such as maintenance, IT support and energy bills are also passed onto the cloud provider. When storage is nearing capacity, more can be purchased without the need to purchase physical hardware.

Pay for what you use

A cloud solution can offer a more efficient use of storage space; you pay for the amount of data storage you need. If more space is required, storage upgrades can be complete quickly and effectively by simply communicating with the provider.

Fast recovery

DRaaS solutions allow for recovery times of as little as 15 minutes. Careful planning with the provider should produce a clear set of RTOs guarantees to ensure that efficient data recovery is achievable for every scenario.

Web based management

DRaaS solutions make IT management easier through the use of a web portal. This will be accessible from any location with an Internet connection. It also allows multiple site recovery, in the worst case scenario where an office is unusable; systems can be run from other offices/portal sites.


Once setup, DRaaS allows IT management to take control. They will have access to their own customer portal, where they can monitor their own environment. From a web portal, reports can be run, to help manage on-site and off-site data storage, including growth rates, trend analysis and future projections.

The Global Edge IT Solution for Calgary Businesses

For DRaaS, we can provide a number of logistical solutions based on your current IT infrastructure and budget:

  • at your remote location

  • at a remote location provided by Global Edge

  • at your main location using a VMWare Hyper-V server replication to create a private DRaaS solution

Do you lack a good backup service?

If you currently don't have a data backup solution in place or if the one you have is inadequate, then we recommend our Axcient based solution.

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Do you already have a good backup service?

If you already have a good backup solution in place, then we recommend our Zerto based solution.

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