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Dell Leasing

The majority of Fortune 500 companies lease because:

  • They conserve cash flow - which allows them to spend money to grow their business

  • They rotate their technology - keeping their equipment constantly refreshed and up-to-date

  • They avoid having to dispose of equipment, and fees associated with it - prevents stockpiling of old systems

  • They can take advantage of potential tax benefits - allows the client to treat the lease payments as an operating expense

Global Edge is Calgary's Dell Premier Partner, fully qualified to offer computer leasing options to you.

Lease vs. Buy Analysis

By working with Dell Financial Services we can help you to facilitate a lifecycle management strategy to maximize cost savings for your organization and help protect the environment.

Our Asset Recovery Services will assist in facilitating your organization through this strategy. Let us do the hard work for you:

  • Value assessment

  • Integrated transportation service

  • Data destruction service

Did you Know?

  • A 3 year lease can save a corporation 20% over a 5 year ownership on a Net Present Value basis, assuming a conservative 6% cost of capital*

  • Warranty costs are a large contributor to 4th and 5th year costs (the 5th year can cost up to $304)*

  • Enterprises that are able to relinquish leased products on schedule can realize up to 20% or more of hard dollars savings over traditional purchasing*

  • Corporations may try to extend a PC's life cycle to reap the perceived short-term gains. Leasing puts enterprises in the mindset of paying for PC's on a monthly basis, and allows either an extension or new lease or purchase at year 4*

  • PC's are generally not re-imaged once they are deployed. As a result, productivity capabilities decay over time*