Cloud IT Solutions

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From taking the business to remote locations to making collaboration easier, Cloud IT is changing the face of modern, small and medium-sized businesses all over the world. And Calgary is no different either. If you are planning the expansion of your business or thinking of collaborating with your overseas client and associates, Cloud IT Calgary can make it easier for you. From reducing hassle and cost of communication to offering unbelievable flexibility, Cloud IT can make a remarkable transformation for your business. And when it comes to availing Cloud IT in Calgary, Global Edge is the right solution for you. Affordable rate, easy customization, and dedicated storage that Global Edge provides you with will surely contribute to the success of your venture.

Enterprise Ready for Cloud IT Support in Calgary …

Global Edge offers managed cloud storage solutions when organizations require:

  • Expansion to augment in-house server storage capabilities
  • Offer fully managed server, storage services
  • Part of a Hybrid Cloud solution
  • Each Enterprise cloud storage solution is powered by either Hyper-V or VMware technology for a virtual environment
  • Available for a monthly fee
  • Expandable when requirements increase
  • Global Edge provides 24/7 support, monthly and weekly maintenance packages

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Global Edge offers customized options with regard to Cloud IT in Calgary, Alberta, and the entire part of Western Canada:

  • Delivers features faster by providing users with on-demand, self-service access to infrastructure
  • Enhanced security of dedicated, hybrid network, compute and storage layers
  • Customize dedicated compute, storage and networking components to best suite each companies requirements
  • Gain performance advantages over public cloud, with dedicated resources for each company